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About Winter Break 2003:

Viscerally experience a "year off" in Aspen, Colorado with a group of recent college grads who have elected to defer graduate school and career opportunities to ski, snow-board, climb, party, fall in love and basically live life to its absolute fullest out in this spectacular mountain town.

Informations about Winter Break:

Original title: Winter Break
Release date: Mar 21, 2003
Length: 92 min.
Status: Released
Adult movie: NO


Candlelight Pictures


Drama, Comedy


Milo Ventimiglia as Matt Raymand, Eddie Kaye Thomas as Peter Rothner, Justin Urich as Tyler Woods, Eddie Mills as Carter Boyd, Sean Smith as Loan Officer, Rachel Wilson as Kirsten Benston, Victor Alfieri as Vito Ubrissio, Maggie Lawson as Michelle Casper, Liza Oxnard as Liza

Marni Banack
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