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Renegade Ranchers! Rustlers!... A Stampede of Roaring Action... as Johnny and Tex crack down on ruthless range racketeers!

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About The Old Chisolm Trail :

Dusty Gardner, and other Texas ranchers, are driving a herd of cattle to Abilene, Kansas along the Chisholm Trail. Desperate need of water takes them to the Turner ranch, where Belle Turner demands exorbitant prices for the water. Dusty learns that Belle is also trying to oust Mary Lee and Montana Smith from the trading post Mary operates. The sheriff sides with Belle following a fight between the two women. Belle knows there is artesian springs under the land the trading post occupies and intends to get the property by any means.

Informations about The Old Chisolm Trail:

Original title: The Old Chisolm Trail
Length: 61 min.
Status: Released
Adult movie: NO


Universal Pictures


Johnny Mack Brown as Dusty Gardner, Tex Ritter as Montana Smith, Fuzzy Knight as Alvin Pendergast aka Polario, Jennifer Holt as Mary Lee, Mady Correll as Belle Turner, Earle Hodgins as Chief Hopping Crow, Roy Barcroft as Ed Phillips, Edmund Cobb as Joe Rankin, Budd Buster as Rancher Hank, Jimmy Wakely Trio as Musicians

Elmer Clifton
Elmer Clifton
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