Watch Webs 2003 Free Online

Watch Webs 2003 Free Online

About Webs 2003:

Richard Greico leads a team of electrical workers who stumble across a terrifying parallel universe. While investigating a strange power source in an abandoned building, the workers find themselves sucked into an underworld teeming with massive, man-eating, spider-like monsters. The bloodthirsty arachnid-human hybrids stalk and kill their victims one by one, leaving the dwindling group of survivors to fight back with just their wits and a handful of primitive weapons.

Informations about Webs:

Original title: Webs
Release date: Jun 27, 2003
Length: 84 min.
Status: Released
Adult movie: NO


Sci-Fi Channel, USA Cable Entertainment


Richard Grieco as Dean, Kate Greenhouse as Elena, Colin Fox as Dr. Richard Morelli, Richard Yearwood as Ray, Jeff Douglas as Sheldon, David Nerman as Crane, David Nerman as Junior

David Wu
Robinson Young
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