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The truth will come out... if it kills her.

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About Past Sins 2006:

Donna Erickson, an overworked public defender, is in the middle of a tricky case — she's representing a woman suspected of committing a murder that happened years ago. Even though recent DNA evidence lays the blame on her client, this legal eagle has a gut feeling that her defendant is innocent. But the only way she can prove it is to go digging into the past of the accused. Your jaw will drop when you learn what she finds out!

Informations about Past Sins:

Original title: Past Sins
Release date: Jun 30, 2006
Length: 120 min.
Status: Released
Adult movie: NO


Kaleidoscope Entertainment




Lauralee Bell as Donna Erickson, Rebecca Jenkins as Janice Bradford, Woody Jeffreys as Glen Garrison, Peter Hall as Ted Bradford, Michael Kopsa as Ray Lee Cobb, Philip Granger as DA Will Crawford, Timothy Webber as Leo Rudd, Rachel Cairns as Gloria Bradford, Kevin McNulty as Dale Beckman, Kelly-Ruth Mercier as Zoe Walden

David Winning
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