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Der Bewegte Mann is a German comedy about a heterosexual man, Axel, who is thrown out of his girlfriends home for cheating and ends up moving in with a gay man. Axel learns the advantages of living with gay men even though they are attracted to him and when his girlfriend wants him back he must make a tough decision.

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Dabing: Czech
Original title: Der bewegte Mann
Release date: Oct 4, 1994
Length: 90 min.
Status: Released


Constantin Film, Olga-Film GmbH (München)


Drama, Comedy




Til Schweiger as Axel Feldheim, Katja Riemann as Doro Feldheim, Joachim Król as Norbert Brommer, Rufus Beck as Walter aka 'Waltraut', Armin Rohde as Metzger, Martina Gedeck as Jutta, Kai Wiesinger as Gunnar, Monty Arnold as Monty, Nico van der Knaap as Fränzchen, Antonia Lang as Elke Schmitt

Sönke Wortmann
Sönke Wortmann
Gernot Roll
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