Watch Still the Beaver 1983 Free Online

Watch Still the Beaver 1983 Free Online

About Still the Beaver 1983:

This movie reunites most of the members of the Cleaver clan, Wally, June, and of course, the Beaver. Their father Ward has passed away. Wally's married to Mary Ellen and a successful lawyer and has everything to make his life complete except for a child. The Beaver is married but unfortunately is still the same which is why his wife threw him out. With nowhere else to go, he goes home. And he also decides that he wants to raise his children, in his hometown of Mayfield. His wife, who decides that she hasn't done anything in her life, decides to become a veterinarian, but she can only go to school out of the country, so she let's Beaver have the children. So he brings his sons there and they are not exactly impressed with Mayfield and feel that they were dumped there, and bond more with Wally than with their own father. They also have to deal with Eddie Haskell, who has gone from nasty to crooked. It's a good thing they still have their mom.

Informations about Still the Beaver:

Original title: Still the Beaver
Release date: Mar 18, 1983
Length: 120 min.
Status: Released
Adult movie: NO


Universal Television, bud austin productions




Barbara Billingsley as June Cleaver, Tony Dow as Wally Cleaver, Jerry Mathers as Theodore Cleaver, Ken Osmond as Eddie Haskell, Frank Bank as Clarence Rutherford, Ed Begley Jr. as Whitey, Corey Feldman as Corey Cleaver, John Snee as Oliver Cleaver, Rich Correll as Richard Rickover, Janice Kent as Mary Ellen

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