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The Final Days of Human Existence

About Abe's Tomb 2006:

Moore's Lake: a small town plagued by feral vampires. Its only chance to survive rests on an all-powerful ghoul that long ago vowed to seek vengeance upon the town.

Informations about Abe's Tomb:

Dabing: French
Original title: Abe's Tomb
Release date: Dec 31, 2006
Length: 94 min.
Status: Released


Carl Merritt Productions




Lisa Adore as Saber / Christine Long, Bonnie Albertini as Store Patron, Ray Basham as Reporter - Charles Peterson, Carlo John Bruno as Vampire in Barn, Pamela Bryant as Barn Vampire, Shannon Camacho as Captured Vampire, Sarah Coons as Vampire, Dan Crothers as Huge Vampire, Jeffrey Ebright as Paramedic Marc Lamas, Sal Lizard as Ted Williams

Carl R. Merritt
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