Watch Bachelor Days Are Over 2011 Free Online

Watch Bachelor Days Are Over 2011 Free Online

About Bachelor Days Are Over 2011:

Arnaud nicknamed "Cui Cui" no longer knows which way to look. He is about to marry Anna but he is not sure he really loves her. To make matters worse, he falls in love during the stag party he has with his friends. And Léa, a nightclub singer, is obviously the woman of his dreams. What to do? Cancel the wedding and create a scandal but be able to live with a woman he loves truly and loves him in return? Or be a good boy and not disappoint the company but say farewell to happiness. For four days, Arnaud goes to and fro aimlessly between Anna and Léa, between his eccentric sister and his self-centered mother, between hope and depression.

Informations about Bachelor Days Are Over:

Original title: Pourquoi tu Pleures ?
Release date: Jun 14, 2011
Length: 99 min.
Status: Released
Adult movie: NO


Le Pacte


Comedy, Romance




Benjamin Biolay as Le Marié, Emmanuelle Devos as La Soeur, Nicole Garcia as La Mère, Valérie Donzelli as Anna, Sarah Adler as Léa, Hanna Laslo as Mathilda, Eric Lartigau as Paco, Nadir Legrand as Laurent, Jean-Noël Cnockaert as Jean Noël, Rodolphe Dana as Eric

Katia Lewkowicz
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