Robert R. Shafer

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Informations about Robert R. Shafer:

Gender: Male
Adult movies: NO
Cast in movies: 15
In movies crew: 3

Robert R. Shafer cast in movies:

Monster Man as Police Officer, Slip as M-16 Man, Stiletto as Krieger, Psycho Cop as Officer Joe Vickers, Psycho Cop Returns as Officer Joe Vickers, The Gold Retrievers as Sherrif Mike Denton, Mega Shark vs. Crocosaurus as Charlie Ross, Heat Wave as Roy Rogan, Choker as Lt. Clark, The Rosebud Beach Hotel as Rodney ...

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Robert R. Shafer in movies crew:

Psycho Cop Returns as Producer, They Want Dick Dickster as Story ...

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Robert R. Shafer's photos:

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