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Brookside is a British soap opera set in Liverpool, England. The series began on the launch night of Channel 4 on 2 November 1982, and ran for 21 years until 4 November 2003. Originally intended to be called Meadowcroft, the series was produced by Mersey Television and it was conceived by Phil Redmond who also devised Grange Hill and Hollyoaks, the latter of which has taken Brookside's place as Channel 4's programme in the "Top 4" British soaps, alongside Coronation Street, EastEnders and Emmerdale.
Brookside became very successful for a number of years and is notable for its tackling of realistic and socially challenging storylines. It was at its most popular in the 1980s and the early 1990s. From the mid-1990s it began raising more controversial subjects under the guidance of new producers such as Mal Young and Paul Marquess. It is especially well known for broadcasting the first pre-watershed lesbian kiss on British television in 1994, as well as a powerful domestic abuse storyline resulting in murder. The series caused an uproar when it featured a storyline of a consensual incestuous sexual relationship between two sibling characters during 1996. Brookside was also the first British soap to feature an openly gay character when Gordon Collins came out in 1985, and it was also the first to depict serious drug addiction with a number of different characters. Although the series had a long and successful run, by 2000 its viewing figures were in terminal decline and low ratings eventually led to its cancellation in July 2003. The final episode was broadcast on 4 November 2003 and was watched by around 2 million viewers.

Informations about Brookside:

Original title: Brookside
Seasons: 22
Episodes: 2879
Status: Ended
Type: Scripted
First air date: Nov 1, 1982
Last air date: Nov 2, 2003


Mersey Television


Drama, Soap


United Kingdom

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Brookside Seasons

Brookside - Season 14 (160 episodes)

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Season 14 Free Online

Brookside - Season 13 (156 episodes)

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Season 13 Free Online

Brookside - Season 12 (156 episodes)

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Season 12 Free Online

Brookside - Season 11 (157 episodes)

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Season 11 Free Online

Brookside - Season 10 (156 episodes)

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Season 10 Free Online

Brookside - Season 9 (131 episodes)

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Season 9 Free Online

Brookside - Season 8 (104 episodes)

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Season 8 Free Online

Brookside - Season 7 (107 episodes)

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Season 7 Free Online

Brookside - Season 6 (104 episodes)

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Season 6 Free Online

Brookside - Season 5 (104 episodes)

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Season 5 Free Online

Brookside - Season 4 (105 episodes)

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Season 4 Free Online

Brookside - Season 3 (105 episodes)

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Season 3 Free Online

Brookside - Season 2 (104 episodes)

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Season 2 Free Online

Brookside - Season 1 (47 episodes)

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Season 1 Free Online

Brookside - SPECIALS (19 episodes)

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SPECIALS Free Online

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